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Creating custom tea blends for my books

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How would you like to drink the same teas as my characters? 

Being a big tea drinker myself, I’ve often had my characters drinking tea in at least one scene. I thought it would be so much fun to create an actual custom blend and feature it in my books.

I’ll be starting that with The Gorgon Agenda. I’m working with Adagio Teas to start my own line of teas based on my books. I’ll be offering a caffeinated and decaf version of each tea. I know that some people can’t have caffeine; or like myself, like to have a nice cup of decaf to finish the day or before bed. 

The teas will be available in three sizes. A sample tin which makes 5 cups for $6. A 3 oz. pouch for $14. Or a 5 oz. tin for $24. Adagio will donate 5% of the sale price to the charity of my choice. As for me, when you buy one of my blends, I’ll earn points to buy more tea. I go through at least two pots of tea a day while I’m writing, so you’ll be helping to keep me properly caffeinated and writing — or relaxed after a long day at my desk.

For even more fun, my cover artist Elizabeth Peiro will be creating custom art exclusively for the bags and tins featuring major characters that you’ve never seen on the covers. 

And as to the blends themselves, the finished product has to be a tea that I love so much that it’ll be one of my go-to and must-have teas. I’d never put anything out there that I wouldn’t buy for myself. I’ve got the decaf version just the way I want it, but I’m still tweaking the caffeinated version. 

The Gorgon Agenda teas will go on sale on Adagio’s site the same day the book releases.

And of course, there will be teas for my Aurora Donati thrillers, and my Raine Benares adventures as well.    

What do you think?


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