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The final cover for The Gorgon Agenda

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Here is the final cover from my new artist, the fabulous Elizabeth Peiro! What do you think?

May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'A SPI FILES NOVEL THE GORGON AGENDA LISA SHEARIN New York Times Bestselling Author'

My apologies for not having The Gorgon Agenda (SPI Files 8) finished next month as originally planned way back when. Thanks to the Cuisinart of crap that is the world right now (and the past couple of years), a LOT of authors are struggling to meet deadlines (and are missing them). It seems that creativity, borderline apocalyptic world events, and doomscrolling don’t mix. I’m still on the first draft, but it’s a strong first draft, and I know you’re going to love the finished product. I’m shooting to have the first draft done by the end of next month, and the finished book out this fall to give y’all some much-needed escapism.

I’m also grateful to be an independent publisher. I founded Murwood Media LLC a few years ago. And yes, some of you are remembering correctly. The name did come from a forest in the goblin kingdom in my Raine Benares series. Thanks to industry upheaval and supply chain issues in traditional publishing, I have it on good authority that some books being turned in to publishers now are having their release dates pushed out as far as 2024. I’m so glad to be a one-woman business. Having to do everything myself gets overwhelming at times, but it also lets me control what I write and when I write it. My previous publisher decided to pass on more SPI Files or Raine Benares books. But I knew you wanted more, and I wanted to write them. We never offered the Aurora Donati series for sale. I knew I wanted to do it myself. Thanks to you all spreading the word about my books, I have a good core readership. Please keep spreading the word! The more books I sell, the healthier my tiny business is. And thanks to my agent teaching me how to do self-publishing, I’m free to write what I want, and what you want to read. Let’s hear it for indie publishing!

After The Gorgon Agenda, I’ll be writing the second Aurora Donati thriller, then comes a *new* Raine Benares adventure (with more to come). Raine is now back in my writing rotation. Unless one of the series has a book that simply will not leave me alone, I’ll be writing SPI Files, Aurora, and Raine. Rinse and repeat.

Take care, be safe, and stay healthy!



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