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The Solstice Countdown coming March 9!

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The edits are finished on The Solstice Countdown and the book is now in layout. Yay!!! Release date will be Tuesday, March 9 unless something drastic happens. Once my book designer finishes the layout (fonts and making my words look gorgeous), I’ll proof it and check for any needed corrections. Once I’ve approved it, my designer will send me the final files and I’ll upload them to my distributors – Draft2Digital (D2D) and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). KDP is for Amazon and D2D will go to every other retail outlet (Apple, BN, Kobo, etc., including libraries. KDP and D2D cover both print and ebook, all worldwide.

Once I get the book and cover uploaded, I’ll know when you can preorder. I’ll send out newsletters with links, and I’ll also be posting them on Twitter (@LisaShearin) and Facebook ( If you don’t follow me, go ahead and sign up. With my Mail Chimp account, I can only send out one newsletter a day. Not all sales links go live at the same time. For example, it could be Amazon in the morning, Apple at lunchtime, BN in a couple of days (they’re known for being slow). So I can post links as they go live (KDP and D2D notify me when each link goes live) on my social media, but I can only send one newsletter a day. Hope that’s not too confusing.     

By the way, in case some of you don’t know, I’ve been self-publishing for several years now. So when you see Murwood Media LLC on the back cover and copyright pages, that’s me. (I took the name from my Raine Benares series. Murwood is a forest in the goblin kingdom of Rheskilia.) Yep, I’m the proud president of my own little publishing company. I’ve retained the services of all the editors, artists, designers, and now audiobook narrator who I worked with on all three series, so many of you may not have noticed that it’s me and my little company instead of a big publisher. The main difference is their pay is coming out of my pocket now. ; )

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my incredible-beyond-words agent, Kristin Nelson. For about two years, she operated an offshoot of her agency so her authors could learn the ropes of doing it ourselves when we had a book we were passionate about but our publisher wasn’t. Or if our publisher dropped us or one of our series. She taught us, and then took off the training wheels and we were on our own.            

For those audiobook fans, I’m working on producing an audiobook version of The Solstice Countdown. And yes, I’ve contacted Johanna Parker, and we have found a production company we want to use. However, I need the final manuscript before I can begin the process. Until I get the ball rolling, I won’t know how long production will take, but I’ll keep you posted every step of the way. This isn’t going to be cheap. Some of you have offered to help, and I love you dearly for it. But I should do this on my own. I’ve got some money stashed away that’ll cover the production costs. So if you love audio books, buy it when it comes out so I don’t lose money. ; )      

I think that’s it for now!


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