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Surgery & writing updates

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I’m baaack!

It’s been a week and a half since my inner ear surgery (via a craniotomy to get to it). Today is the first day back at my desk. Yay, me!

The autophony that was my worst symptom (hearing my voice in my head) is gone, as is hearing my heartbeat and footsteps in my head. Chewing is still just as loud to me, but my tinnitus is a lot less. I’ve also developed hyperacusis (normal sounds are loud, and loud sounds are jump inducing). All that being said, my surgeon says that there’s a really good chance all of these will eventually go away once the fluid in my inner ear is reabsorbed over the next few weeks. Sometimes, this can take a few months. Either way, I’m thrilled with how my recovery has gone so far.

Yesterday, Derek took the tape off my skull incisions, and I felt like a sheep that’d just been sheared. Suddenly, I wanted to go to the grocery store with him. Don’t worry, I was masked and gloved, and used the grocery cart like walker. ; )  And people are really good around here at wearing masks and social distancing  It was tiring, and I needed a nap when we got back, but I’m glad I did it. It really helped with the grogginess I’d been feeling since the surgery (which is another perfectly normal post-surgical thing).

I’ve been at my desk all morning taking care of bills, and I just printed out what I have so far on The Solstice Countdown (SPI Files 7). I’m about 1/3 of the way through the rough draft. Today and tomorrow, I’ll read through what I have to reacquaint my brain with the book, and start organizing it into chapters. On Wednesday, I’ll get back to writing. I’d hoped to have the rough draft finished by Labor Day, but with the surgery downtime, that might be a little too ambitious. So, I’m bumping that out a month to October 1. I’ll see how it goes. I do know this — y’all are gonna love this book! Plus, it’ll answer a lot of questions you’ve been wanting answered. I already know what I want the cover to look like, so I’ll be contacting Julie Dillon soon to start work on that. 

I think that’s pretty much it. Take care & stay safe!


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