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Upcoming books (yes, plural) in 2020

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It’s time to make my plans for next year, and I’m going to do all I can to get TWO books for y’all in 2020.

First, will be The Entity Game, the first book in my new paranormal thriller series. The first draft is done, and I have feedback from my agent and beta readers. I’ll be incorporating their comments into the second draft which I’m determined to knock out in November. December and January will be for a third draft (if needed), and any tweaks. The finished manuscript will go to my editors on or before February 1. I’m shooting for a June release date. When I have jacket copy written, I’ll send out another newsletter, so you’ll know exactly what you’ve got to look forward to. This book took a long time to write and get right, but IMO, the wait will be worth it. I’m really proud of this one. 

Next will be the seventh book in my SPI Files series, The Solstice Countdown, where Mac takes Rake home to meet her family. I’ve got the plot worked out, and this is gonna be a fun one, with a heaping side order of chills & thrills. The release date for that will be the later part of next year. While I’d love to be able to write three books a year, two is all I can handle.  

And for all you Raine Benares fans, I haven’t forgotten about you! I miss Raine & Company, too. I’m shooting for a new Raine book in 2021. I know that seems like a long ways off, but it’ll be here before you know it.  

That’s it for now. I’ll get back to work.

Your seriously busy author,

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