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Update & MurderCon in Raleigh, NC this weekend

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I’m in the final stretch of writing the first draft of The Entity Game (political thriller with paranormal elements)On August 19, I turn it in to my agent for her input. I hope to get a week off before I have to dive in on edits. After The Entity Game is polished, my agent will be sending it out to potential publishers. Keep your fingers crossed for me! But if it doesn’t get any takers, I’ll be publishing it myself. So one way or another, you’ll get to read it. ; )

After The Entity Game is out on submission, I’ll be jumping into The Solstice Countdown (aka, SPI Files #7). Dang, I can’t believe I’m up to seven books (and one novella) on this series! 

This weekend (well, starting on Thursday, August 1), I’ll be attending the Writers’ Police Academy MurderCon, in Raleigh, NC. I’m just there as an attendee, hoping to learn all about arson investigations, buried bodies, do’s and don’ts of interrogations, blood evidence, biological & chemical weapons, firearms, and lots of other fun stuff. 

If any of you will be there, don’t be shy about coming up and talking to me. I would love to meet you! If you’ll be there, email me and let me know. We can set up a time to chat, have coffee, or even meet up for dinner. 

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