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Upcoming books and writing update

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Upcoming books and writing updates  
I’m in the final weeks of writing The Entity Game — the first book in my new paranormal thriller series. It’s due to my agent on August 19 for her initial edit and comments. On June 1, I went from writing five days a week to writing six days a week. In July and until August 19, I’ll be working seven days a week — writing a chapter every 2-3 days. Yep, I’m a busy girl. 

My agent is going to shop this book, meaning after the editing and polishing stages are complete, she’ll submit it to editors at publishing houses who like books like The Entity Game. Since it’s a thriller and not fantasy, it’s not only a new genre for me, but I’ll need to reach readers who don’t necessarily read fantasy, and probably haven’t heard of me. That’s why we would need to sell this to a publisher of thrillers rather than me publish it myself.

All that being said, all of you who read and enjoy my SPI Files and Raine Benares series don’t need to worry — at all. I’ll still be writing those series and will continue to do so for a long time. I’m just branching off in a new direction. You may have noticed that quite a few fantasy authors (Rachel Caine and Charlaine Harris, for example) are doing both fantasy and mystery/thrillers. And some thriller authors are now writing fantasy. I love both genres, and after 17 fantasy books in two series, I want to stretch out and try a few new things.     

And after I put The Entity Game to bed, I’ll start plotting and writing the next SPI Files book — The Solstice Countdown (aka Mac takes Rake home to meet the family at the same time that all hell is breaking loose in her hometown of Weird Sisters, NC.) It’s gonna be so much fun!     

To clear my mind in the evenings from writing all day, I’ve taken up crocheting. I’ve gone from afghans, to scarves and hats, to baby blankets and booties, to hand warmers, baskets, stuffed animal toys, tote bags, and even cardigan sweaters. (When I find a new hobby, I tend to get obsessive.) I was thinking about opening an Etsy store (maybe around the holidays) to sell the things I make. What do y’all think? Is that something you would be interested in?   

Lastly, a message for one of my subscribers, Lydia Broyles: I haven’t been able to reach you for the SPI Files bundle you bid on and won in Read 4 Pixels. Please email me by responding to this newsletter. Hope to hear from you soon!

That’s it for now!

4 Responses to “Upcoming books and writing update”

  1. Andrea says:


    I let Lydia know that you are trying to get ahold of her.

    I’m looking forward to your new books.

  2. Lisa Shearin says:

    Thank you, Andrea!! I wanted to touch base with Lydia via email before mailing her SPI Files prize pack. Neither I nor Regina (the coordinator for Read 4 Pixels) have been able to get a response via email. We were hoping that nothing had happened to her!


  3. Andrea says:

    Lyd is ok, just been busy. She was working 2 part-time jobs. I’ll call her tonight if she doesn’t text me back.