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SPI Files #1 — The Grendel Affair ebook for only $1.99!

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From today through Sunday, April 9, the ebook of first book in my SPI Files series — The Grendel Affair — is priced at a great introductory price of just $1.99! So if you haven’t begun reading that series yet, now’s the time. Or if you’ve been trying to get a friend hooked, let them know and forward them a link.

Get The Grendel Affair ebook for $1.99 now at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, or Google.

Happy reading!


Update on a lot of writing/release/plotting stuff

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Ruins & Revenge: I finished writing Ruins & Revenge last Friday. It’s in editing now (content, then copy editing, then production), and will be released on May 2. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available for preorder.

The Ghoul Vendetta audio book: My agent contacted Audible, and they said The Ghoul Vendetta is in production. As to a release date, they said “less than three months.” As soon as I know something more definite, I’ll let you know.

New paranormal thriller series: While I wait for the content edits to come back on Ruins & Revenge, I’m plotting a brand new paranormal thriller series. It’s gonna be so freakin’ cool!

Three books a year/three series: Before anyone freaks out that the new series will bump any of your favs, rest assured that my three-books-a-year writing schedule will include one book each from Raine Benares, a SPI Files, and the new thriller series.

Next book I’ll be writing: I may be plotting a new series now, but the next book I’ll write will be another SPI Files, *then* I’ll do the first book in the new series. I want to allow enough time for the new cast of characters to come together in my head.

That’s it for now!


Snippet from Ruins & Revenge — Tam’s court manners

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Today is deadline day for Ruins & Revenge — except I’m not finished. Well, not quite. I’ll be sending my editor chapters 1-33, and the remaining two chapters and epilogue by Friday. It’s gonna be such a fun book, but I’m really looking forward to getting away from the 12-hour workdays for a while.

Here’s a little snippet that I wrote yesterday. Enjoy. . .

Karnia didn’t require a demonstration of how a Mal’Salin chief mage dealt with probable traitors. I was disappointed.

And highly suspicious.

That suspicion increased tenfold when he not only apologized to Princess Maralah, but to me as well, going so far as to welcome me as an honored guest.

That sealed it.

In goblin court parlance, that translated to, “You’ll be dead before sunrise. Enjoy the few remaining hours of your life.”

I graciously thanked Karnia for his apology in the true spirit in which it was given.

Translation: Bring it.



Snippet from Ruins & Revenge featuring Tam & Talon

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I’m working hard on Ruins & Revenge and will be turning it in for editing on March 1. We have a publication date of May 2. As soon as it goes on pre-order, I’ll let you know.

And thank you so much for all the kind words and reviews for The Ghoul Vendetta! If you want to, I’d love it if you posted a review. It really helps when people are looking for new books/authors. Thank you!

Now, for your reading enjoyment, here’s Tam & Talon (with a special appearance by a notable villain’s mom):

She saw Talon and smiled. “I see you brought your mongrel. Were you afraid he wouldn’t live one day at court without your protection?”

I was prepared to restrain Talon if necessary. It wasn’t necessary. He stood straight and still by my side, temper not only held in check, a hint of a smile curling his lips and a glint in his eyes.

A dangerous glint, but perfectly controlled.

I felt a surge of reassurance—and pride.

“I fear nothing concerning my son,” I said.

Talon’s smile broadened into a wicked grin.

My wicked grin.

Pride came again, and hot on its heels was concern. I knew what that grin meant when I was wearing it.

Talon was up to something. More accurately, he was up to no good.

His power wasn’t building.

It was already there. Ready to release, but held in perfect check.

I knew it, but Sandrina didn’t appear to have a clue. Or if she did, she dismissed his skills as beneath her own. She would realize her mistake when Talon unleashed on her.

More award nominations!

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Last year, The Dragon Conspiracy was nominated for and won the RT Reviewers Choice award for Best Urban Fantasy Novel. I went to the RT Convention last year in Las Vegas and had a great time accepting the award.

This year, I’ve been nominated for TWO RT Reviewers Choice awards!

The Brimstone Deception has been nominated for Best Urban Fantasy Worldbuilding.

Wedding Bells, Magic Spells has been nominated for Best Fantasy Novel.

I couldn’t be more honored and thrilled!