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Only two more weeks until The Ghoul Vendetta!

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Mine was great, but busy. I’ve kicked my writing schedule into high gear on Ruins & Revenge (the followup to Treasure & Treason). I was supposed to turn in the finished manuscript for editing on February 1, but as I think I told you, I had two tears in my right retina, had multiple laser procedures to repair them, and was essentially out of commission for two weeks. So that threw me off schedule. I’m due to finish the book on March 1. Then it starts the editing process.

So as of now, we’re talking May’ish for the publication date on Ruins & Revenge. When I have a publication date and pre-order info, you guys will be the first to know.

But coming up on Tuesday, January 31 is the release date for the fourth SPI Files book — The Ghoul Vendetta! And for those of you who have been asking, there WILL be an audio book for The Ghoul Vendetta. As soon as I have a release date for that I’ll let you know.

After I finish writing Ruins & Revenge, I’m going to take a month to brainstorm and begin the first book in a NEW SERIES! Words cannot describe how excited I am about this new idea! I’ll tell you the details as soon as I can.

My schedule for the rest of 2017. . . And after the first book in the new series, I’ll write another SPI Files, then another Raine Benares book, and this one will be from Raine’s POV, and will cover the same timeframe as the two Tam books. It’ll be the old gang (minus Tam and Phaelan, of course, because they were on the other side of the world having their own adventures).

So that’s what I’m doing, and what I have coming up for 2017. You haven’t been hearing from me because I’ve been writing. But I’ll be trying to take time on Sunday afternoons to blog.

I have a blog tour coming up soon for The Ghoul Vendetta, and I’ll give you the dates and details as soon as I get them.

Thank you for being such amazing fans & I’ll talk to you soon, I promise!



The Ghoul Vendetta is an RT BookReviews Top Pick! too : )

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Also in this month’s issue of RT  BookReviews magazine is Senior Reviewer Jill Smith’s review of The Ghoul Vendetta (SPI FIles #4) which will be out on January 31. Makenna Fraser’s fourth SPI Files adventure earned their top score of 4 1/2 stars and was named a Top Pick! Yea!

Here’s the review:

In need of a thrill and a laugh? Then look no further than the fantastic fourth installment of Shearin’s SPI Files series. Life is never dull around seer Makenna Fraser, but having a date interrupted by several creatures that look like they strayed off the set of the Creature from the Black Lagoon is certainly a first. One of the real joys of reading a Shearin book is her amazing ability to blend action-packed thrills with laugh-out-loud humor. If you have not already checked out this series, make sure you do so immediately!

Mixing with the A-list social set is getting a little more common for Makenna as she continues to date sexy goblin Rake Danescu. Tonight’s date is on a yacht owned by the nephew of the head of the East Coast vampire crime family. But the date comes to an abrupt halt when the yacht is attacked and the boat’s owner is kidnapped by a Kraken and other low-rent creatures from the Black Lagoon. Then a series of banks are robbed by ghouls who don’t mind getting caught on camera. The SPI team is working full-tilt to try to figure out what is going on and keep the human population of NYC in blissful ignorance. As Makenna and her partner Ian Byrne try to make the pieces fit, they realize the creature behind it may be Ian’s old nemesis … an ancient shapeshifter!

Treasure & Treason is a Top Pick! at RT BookReviews magazine

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Just got an awesome review from Jill Smith, Senior Reviewer for RT BookReviews magazine — Treasure & Treason was given RTs top score of 4 1/2 stars and is a TOP PICK!  Woohoo!

Here’s the review:

A spin-off series from award-winning author Shearin is a cause for celebration. Fans are going to be delighted as sexy and deadly goblin dark mage Tamnais “Tam” Nathrach now takes center stage. Having Tam, pirate captain Phaelan Benares and Tam’s impulsive son Talon go on a road trip together (although technically a sea voyage) is asking for fireworks, and Shearin gleefully delivers! This is the launch book in what promises to be a magical and action-packed series that is also filled with Shearin’s trademark humor. Don’t miss out on the fun — snap it up quick!

During the wedding of Raine Benares and Mychael Eiliesor, it was learned that evil Sandrina Ghalfari and her dark mages, the Khrynsani, are joining forces with some vicious off-world invaders who may try to take over the Seven Kingdoms. The Khrynsani are apparently going after a legendary stone of power called the Heart of Nidaar, which is supposedly located in the lost city of Nidaar. It is Tam’s mission to get to the stone first and destroy it. With time not on their side, it will take an unusual alliance of goblins and elves, including Raine’s pirate cousin Phaelan, to embark on this race to find Nidaar. (LISASHEARIN.COM, dl $7.99)

Reviewed by:
Jill M. Smith

Thank you!!!

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I have the best fans ever! I just wanted to get that out there. : )

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful emails, posts, comments, and tweets! And reviews–definitely the reviews!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying, loving, devouring, inhaling, and eating up Treasure & Treason. I’m working on the next book — Ruins & Revenge — *right now*. The goal was to finish the writing and turn it in for editing on February 1, but it may be a few weeks past that date. That will put us in the April/May timeframe for publication. In the meantime, you’ll have The Ghoul Vendetta (SPI Files 4) coming out on January 31.

The two-week delay was due to me getting two tears in my right retina last month resulting in a vitreous hemorrhage (aka, blood flowing around inside my eyeball), which doesn’t exactly make for clear vision. I didn’t do anything, it just happened. One of the joys of my eyeballs getting older along with the rest of me. (Of course it happened one hour after I’d just bought FOUR new books.)

It happened on a Saturday, I saw my eye doc on Sunday morning, and on Monday afternoon, I was having a laser procedure to essentially weld the tears back to the retinal wall. My retina doc then gave me the bad news — no reading or working out or lifting anything heavy for two weeks while the eye healed. (The jerky, side-to-side motion your eyes make when reading might tear the laser repairs.) Needless to say, that was a “holy crap!” moment for me. That’s what I do for fun and stress relief — read and work out. She told me I could watch TV. I was like, “Uh, I don’t watch TV. I read.” That made for a twitchy two weeks — just ask Derek, who had to put up with me. A bored Lisa is a cranky Lisa. (BTW, In addition to the best fans, I have the best husband.)

And of course, to make it even better, I got the final ebook and print galleys for Treasure & Treason. That was three weeks ago. If I didn’t proof, correct, and approve those proofs, the book launch would have been delayed. You know me; that wasn’t gonna happen. I had told you November 15, and it was gonna be November 15. So in order to proof the galleys, yet stay within my doctor’s activity parameters, I hooked up my big 23″ monitor, blew up the file resolution to 300%, sat on the other side of my office with a keyboard and mouse, and got the job done. Twice. Once for the ebook version, and again for the print version — blurry vision and all. It was like watching TV (I justified to myself). My eyes weren’t twitching back and forth. (Derek wasn’t buying it, but he gave me a look, then let me do what he knew I was gonna do.) Two weeks later, when I went for a checkup, everything had healed perfectly.

YES! (fist pump)

So, long story still kinda long, that was how we got Treasure & Treason into your hands on time. : )

As I said, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! And yes, in Ruins & Revenge you finally get to meet Tam’s team, who Raine has always referred to as Tam’s “dark mage school buddies.” It’s gonna be a blast if I do say so myself.

As always, leaving a review on the bookseller’s site of your choice is always a GREAT HELP. I would really appreciate it!

(((Cyber hugs!!!)))


Treasure & Treason is available now!

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Treasure & Treason is out today in both print and ebook! A lot of you have been waiting a long time to see either Tam or Phaelan in a book of their own. Treasure & Treason features them both. The action picks up a few weeks after the conclusion of Wedding Bells, Magic Spells.

It’s available now on AmazonApple, GoogleBarnes & Noble, and Kobo.  

An ancient power. 
Hidden for millennia in a legendary city on an uninhabited continent, the Heart of Nidaar can harness the forces of nature itself. In the wrong hands, the artifact is a weapon that can command the power of the earth and seas to destroy all life. Just the type of power a sinister goblin brotherhood finds irresistible. In their hands, kingdoms will be forced to surrender to their rule.

A team of royals and rogues.
Chief mage (and nearly rehabilitated practitioner of black magic) Tamnais Nathrach is the perfect goblin duke to stop them. Along with elf pirate Phaelan Benares, these two have a roguish plan to sail to Aquas and snatch the Heart of Nidaar before it can fall into the wrong hands. After all, stealing hearts is what these two do best. Who cares if goblins and elves have been in a near constant state of war for centuries? This common enemy is enough motivation for some teamwork and a little professional competition.

The adventure of a lifetime.   
Perhaps Tamnais and Phaelan have forgotten one small fact. Expeditions that sail to the continent of Aquas never return. It’s a blighted wasteland filled with creatures from nightmare and Tamnais might have failed to mention that the Heart has guardians, an ancient race willing to use deadly force to keep themselves and the artifact hidden. Alliances are tested, courage is challenged, and nothing less than the future of all life in the Seven Kingdoms is at stake in the deadliest—and most competitive—treasure hunt of all time.