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The Phoenix Illusion is available for pre-order at more retailers

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The Phoenix Illusion has started appearing for pre-order at various retailers ahead of its November 6 (next Tuesday) release.  I’ll update this post as more sites go live.

Here are the pre-order links active now:
Amazon (Kindle ebook)  Release Nov. 6

Amazon (paperback) Order link live NOW (they made an unfixable boo-boo)

Apple (iTunes ebook), release November 9

Barnes & Noble (Nook ebook), release Nov. 9

Kobo (ebook), release November 9 

Audible (audiobook), release November 6

*My apologies about the 3-day delay at B&N, Apple and Kobo. It was the quickest release date available.

Pre-order link to come:  
Barnes & Noble (paperback)

Available through your local library via:  
Baker & Taylor

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