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Snippet from The Phoenix Illusion & only 1 WEEK until pub date!

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Only one more week to wait! Next Tuesday, November 6, is Election Day here in the US (please vote!), and release day for The Phoenix Illusion.

We’ll be finalizing the formatting for the last ebook version in the next day or two, and then I’ll be uploading everything to the distributors I use for print and ebooks. Audible will be releasing the audio version on Nov. 6 as well.

AS SOON AS, I have preorder/sales links, I’ll post them here. OR if you want the links sent directly to your inbox, sign up for my newsletter (see link in the right nav bar).     

Here’s the final snippet before you can get your hands on the entire book:

The helicopter waiting for us was large, black, and unless my sleep-deprived eyes deceived me, came complete with machine guns mounted on either side.

Cool. That is, unless Mr. Moreau thought we’d be needing them.

Ian noticed my apprehension. “We’ll be flying into Nellis. This is one of their birds. SPI has contacts in all the military branches. We’ve scratched their backs, they scratch ours. Help when help is needed.”

He didn’t elaborate further, and to tell you the truth, the only thing I wanted to know about SPI and black helicopters was could I catch a few winks over the engine noise.

We got in and took off, and as far as I was concerned, we were flying way too low. It was pretty much all desert below us, but I still thought we were entirely too close to it.

“This feels like dragon flight, but without the wind in your face,” Tam told us. “My team and I flew from the coast of Aquas inland to Nidaar on battle dragons that were about this size.”

“How long did it take to get there?” I asked.

“We left at sunset and arrived shortly after sunrise.”

Ben gave a low, impressed whistle.

Flying all night. In the open air. I couldn’t even begin to imagine. Nor did I want to.

Tam admired the gun outside the window. “Our dragons could breathe fire.”

“A Black Hawk can breathe Hellfire missiles,” Ian told him.

“Sounds impressive. What are—”

“Basically, a tube packed with explosives with a range of almost five miles.”

“That would be better than dragon fire,” Tam admitted, then his fangs flashed in a quick grin, “but not nearly as much fun.”

“I’ve never flown a dragon, but I think I’d have to agree with you.”

“If you visit our world, I could make arrangements.”

Now it was Ian’s turn to grin. “I just might take you up on that.”


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