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Snippet from The Phoenix Illusion featuring a special guest

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A little less than a month until The Phoenix Illusion is out! I can’t wait for you guys to read this one. There are twists, turns, and surprises — but most of all, there’s tons of fun and laughs. We can all use fun- and laugh-filled time away from the real world right now, and I can promise that The Phoenix Illusion will deliver. And while I didn’t plan it this way, the release date is Tuesday, November 6 — Election Day here in the US.

For those of you who haven’t read my Raine Benares series, and aren’t familiar with Rake’s cousin Tamnais (Tam) Nathrach, here’s the cover from Treasure & Treason. In The Phoenix Illusion, people keep mistaking them for twins.

Here’s the snippet. Hope you enjoy it!

I sensed her before I saw her.

A mage of the darkest variety.

Griselda Ingeborg was at the baccarat table. Her white beaded gown was slit up to there and had a neckline that nearly plunged down far enough to meet it. Her blond hair was piled high and sparkled here and there with jeweled pins. She wore diamonds. Lots of diamonds. The men in the immediate vicinity were captivated by the ones that fell between her ample breasts.

That was what everyone saw. My seer vision saw a black haze that shifted with her every movement, like fog. It was the aura of a mage who regularly engaged in the blackest of magic, so much so that it left a permanent imprint on her.

Then I saw what Ben had seen. It may not have been the most intriguing in terms of bodily placement, but it was what we were looking for. Griselda was wearing a Sythsaurian teleportation cuff. Naturally, it was encrusted with diamonds, so many that the green crystal in the center was barely noticeable.

Rake’s lips twitched at the corners. “Tam’s going in for a little reconnaissance.”

“Poor guy,” I muttered. “Having to take one for the team.”

“A giving man, my cousin. Always thinking of others.”

Tam was slicing through the crowd with the ease of a wolf carving a path through a flock of sheep, his primal instinct focused on one blond sheep. People got out of his way. Tam had some seriously potent come-hither, and that he was wearing his hair loose like a sheet of midnight silk only intensified it. Heads turned, breaths quickened, and a couple of drinks were dropped. Griselda looked up and I swear I saw her pupils dilate from where we were.

Rake had done it to me before. I knew how my body had reacted. If Griselda was female and breathing, she was on the receiving end of much the same effect.

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