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Here’s your weekly snippet from The Phoenix Illusion

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Only about three weeks until The Phoenix Illusion releases on November 6 in print, ebook, and audio! Without further ado, here’s your weekly snippet: 

“Are pets allowed?” I whispered to Rake.

Werewolves had great hearing, too. Right now, Yasha and Kitty were relaxing in the hot tub out on the terrace to try to take the edge off Yasha’s werewolf urges. The tub was surrounded by what the hotel’s website called the Zen Garden. Since it was completely private, Yasha was letting his hair down, so to speak, for as long as he could before he had to bottle it up with a glamour for tonight. He was pretty much still in his human form, but jeez, was he furry.

Rake kept his voice down, too. “In this suite, anything’s allowed if you’re willing to pay to repair the aftermath. Within reason.”

Kitty had just skimmed a handful of hair the length of Christmas tinsel off the top of the water.

“Is werewolf fur in the hot tub jets within reason?”


“We’re gonna need more towels.”

“They’re on their way up.”

“He is like a sasquatch,” Ben said in awe.

Ian didn’t even look up from his phone’s screen. “Sasquatches have less hair.”

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