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Snippet from The Phoenix Illusion

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As promised, here’s the first of the weekly snippets from the upcoming (November 6) The Phoenix Illusion (SPI Files 6). Beginning next week, I’ll be posting them every Monday until release day: 

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“Reptilian invaders from outer space?” Kitty asked, when Tam had finished. “I guess the trope had to have to come from somewhere.”

“Bi-pedal alien lizard invaders sounds better than what we have on our hands right now,” I said.

“It sounds like a movie I saw once on Mystery Science Theater 3000,” Ian said.

“A bad movie,” Rake muttered.

“But in a good way,” I added. “I like MST.”

“They’re all bad movies on MST.” My partner glanced around. Yasha hadn’t come back yet. “Don’t tell Yasha I said that. He thinks those movies are the golden age of film.”

“I heard that,” Yasha called from the kitchen.

I thought for a moment. “Which brings up something I’ve wondered about, especially since coming to work at SPI. Why do we keep trying to contact extraterrestrials? Hasn’t it occurred to anyone that there are homicidal maniacs in space the same as there are here? What are the chances that if we do make contact, we’ll attract the attention of cute, little ET aliens instead of a race of lizards who think all we’re good for is food?”

Ian leaned back and stretched his legs out in front of him. “Hopefully we’re too far down on the evolutionary scale to be worth noticing.”

“Or taste bad,” Yasha added, padding back from the kitchen. Getting words around his increasingly werewolfy dental work was a challenge. “Space travel must be like road trip. You do not stop at places with bad food. Little green men have been here before. Have not been back.” The Russian werewolf shrugged. “Earth must be greasy truck stop of universe.”

“We can only hope, buddy,” Ian said. “We can only hope.”

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