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The Phoenix Illusion snippet — But wait, there’s more!

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There was a knock on the door.

It couldn’t be the butlers; and if it were, they wouldn’t knock. Besides, Rake had turned down their services, instead preferring the comfort of walking around the suite unglamoured.

“Expecting anyone?” I asked Rake.

At the moment of the knock, he and Tam had simultaneously uncoiled from their chairs in a single smooth move. Ian and Gethen had been on their feet an instant later. Ian had a gun in his hand; Gethen was packing a red glow. Rake and Tam had no visible weapons, apparently counting on their innate badassery to deal with whatever was on the other side of the door.

I tossed a questioning glance at Ben. He shrugged. We followed.

By the time we got there, the door was open, and Ian had been engulfed by a huge, hairy whatever, and the goblins weren’t doing a thing to help.

Ben took a step back. “Is that a sasquat—”

“Yasha!” I squealed happily. A petite silvery-haired woman stepped around him. “Kitty!”

At the sound of my voice, Yasha tossed Ian aside, and I was now the target of his enthusiasm. Fortunately, I remembered to suck in all the air I could before my feet left the ground.

Before my face was buried in his chest fur, I saw my friend was the embodiment of tourist chic: Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, straw fedora, and Oakleys. Instead of the dreaded socks ‘n sandals combo, in true Yasha fashion, my werewolf buddy was sporting his favorite combat boots.

Take that fashion risk, Yasha. Own it.

When he put me down, I saw the fanny pack. Though I knew what had to be in there. One of his guns. As a werewolf, it wasn’t like Yasha needed protection. He just liked things that went boom.

As far as I was concerned, Ian was only one of my partners. Yasha was the other. Ian had my back, but Yasha had both our backs and then some. And the last time we’d dealt with a situation that could only be explained with physics that hurt my head, Kitty had been there to shut it down.

We had the goblin spellslinger trio for Marek and his gang, Ben for the rocks, Kitty for the sciencey woo-woo, and Yasha to kick any and all butts that deserved it.

The team was together.

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