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Upcoming books & news on The Myth Manifestation paperback

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The print version of The Myth Manifestation is now available from B&N for those of you who were waiting.

Thank you so much for all of your kind emails, reviews, and comments on The Myth Manifestation! It was as much fun for me to write as it was for you to read.

That being said, I’m now working on the next (6th) SPI Files book — The Phoenix Illusion, which I hope to have out in late summer/early fall of this year.

After that, I have six books in the queue (which will keep me busy for the next 2-3 years):

  • SPI Files 7 — The Solstice Countdown 
  • SPI Files 8 — The Pandora Predicament
  • SPI Files 9 — The Demon Directive
  • Two more Raine Benares books (from Raine’s POV)
  • A “Raine Benares World Novel” (from Phaelan’s POV)

This is NOT the order in which these books will be written. I do know that I’ll write The Solstice Countdown after The Phoenix Illusion, and probably after that will come a Raine Benares book. After that? I won’t know until the characters tell me.

One thing I can tell you about the book I’m writing now (The Phoenix Illusion) — There will be two “guest stars” from my Raine books. Tam Nathrach and Agata Azul. Is that squeeing I hear? : )

For those SPI Files fans who have yet to read my Raine Benares books, writing the SPI Files was a natural progression from that series, as is the crossing over of characters and plots between the two.  From their covers, the Raine Benares books may look like traditional fantasy (and kinda “girly”), but they’re not. I wrote them with a modern urban fantasy tone—full of the type of action and humor found in the SPI Files. In short, if you like Mac, you’ll love Raine. And if you love Ian and Rake, you’ll go gaga over Mychael Eiliesor and Tam Nathrach. My Raine Benares novels are packed with adventure, intrigue, hot elves, and sexy goblins. There are sample chapters on my website (, or you can download samples at Amazon.

Try ’em, I think you’ll like ’em.


7 Responses to “Upcoming books & news on The Myth Manifestation paperback”

  1. Cassay says:

    I still go Gaga over Mychael! Looking forward to all of the upcoming books

  2. TDS says:

    Yay, looking forward to the SPI books!

  3. Kerralee says:

    Ohhhh can’t wait for more SPI, I am currently reading them all again ( probably about the 5th time) might have to read the Raine Benares ones again to. Love them all you do a fantastic job!

  4. Bill says:

    Is Myth Manifestation going to be available as a mass market paperback in the future?

  5. Cherry Ganzer-Budd says:

    I’ve been hoping that we would learn more about Mac’s background. Does she have Elf in her bloodline? As raised in “Lucky Charms”, by Ian when Mackenna was affected by clover weed. As far as I can recall it hasn’t been dealt with.
    Also I felt that in TMM there was more chemistry between Mago and Mackenna, then Rake and a Mackenna. Which has interesting possibilities. Or Mac could have Benares in her ancestry. ;

  6. Andrea says:

    More books to look forward to enjoying. Yay!

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