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Snippet from The Myth Manifestation featuring a special guest star

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Here’s a snippet from The Myth Manifestation (SPI Files 5) with but one special guest star from my Raine Benares series. ; )  It’ll be released in January, and I’ll know the exact date soon.

Mago Benares walked slowly to one of Rake’s penthouse’s floor-to-ceiling windows that were now clear of the pocket dimension’s distortion. His eyes were gleaming like a hawk seeing a whole world of squirrels.

The Regor Regency was only thirteen stories tall, but to an elf who had never seen anything except Renaissance-era-sized cities, it must have been overwhelming. Though if it’d been me in his polished designer shoes, the view of Lower Manhattan’s Financial District would’ve made me run and hide in a closet.

Mago didn’t look like he wanted to either run or hide. He wanted to explore and conquer.

“Wondrous,” the elven banker turned ambassador breathed. “I cannot wait to go out.”

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