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Snippet from The Myth Manifestation

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I thought I’d start off the post-holiday work week with a snippet from The Myth Manifestation (aka SPI Files 5) that will be out November 7. And no, the pre-order links aren’t up yet. ; )               

I hope you enjoy it!

While Ian and I weren’t officially on duty for another hour, we knew we’d been unofficially on duty the instant we set foot outside our hotel room doors.

Neither one of us had had nearly enough coffee to deal with this.

And it didn’t look like I was gonna be eating that bacon biscuit in my jacket pocket anytime soon.

The pair of arched doors leading to the Regor Regency’s ballroom was just as ornate and beautiful as the rest of the hotel.

For now.

One of the doors quickly opened, two pale and wide-eyed hotel staffers darted out, slammed the door, and threw their backs against it as something bigger than both of them put together charged the door from the other side.

The resulting boom shook the floor under our feet, and the door buckled, but held.  


I was fairly certain I was underqualified to deal with whatever was on the other side, and I was positive I didn’t want to open that door for confirmation, but that was our job. Confirm and confront things from the other side.  

My mouth was suddenly a tad bit dry. “Well, that’s interesting.”  

A normal person would think that was something you didn’t usually see in an upscale Manhattan hotel.

We weren’t normal people, and this wasn’t a normal hotel.

5 Responses to “Snippet from The Myth Manifestation”

  1. Debra Dunham says:

    What a teaser of a snippet. Can’t wait until November.

  2. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin says:

    {raise eyebrows} I take it that’s a little too common at that hotel?

    In other words, good choice of an early teaser. {wink, SMILE}

  3. Cate Hutchinson says:

    I’m so looking forward to this book 🙂 Hoping very much that Mac and Rake’s love story continues to develop too!

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