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Ruins & Revenge pre-order links are live!

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One week from today (May 2) Ruins & Revenge will be out!

I’m *really* pleased with this book!  A lot of questions you had about Tam and Talon are answered. It not only pays off the events of Treasure & Treason, but it sets up action to come, both with Tam and his team of combat mages, as well as with Mychael & Raine — and Phaelan. And yes, while the next book will be from Raine’s POV (with Mychael on the cover with her), the book after that will be from Phaelan’s POV. I have found the *perfect* model for Phaelan. You’re gonna love him!

The ebook pre-order links are now live on Amazon, B&N, Google, Apple, Kobo!

The links for the paperback will be live on (or before) next Tuesday’s release date. As soon as they’re up, I’ll post them here, in my newsletter (subscribe now if you haven’t already),  and on all my social media accounts.

I’ll post the first three chapters here tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Ruins & Revenge pre-order links are live!”

  1. Doug Orr says:

    Yes, yes, YES!!! Finally. I cant wait for the Phaelan book! Bring it on!!! 😀

  2. MaryW says:

    Pre-ordered today. Thanks.

  3. Wave Seybold says:

    pre-ordered today, thank you for the book!

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