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Update on a lot of writing/release/plotting stuff

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Ruins & Revenge: I finished writing Ruins & Revenge last Friday. It’s in editing now (content, then copy editing, then production), and will be released on May 2. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available for preorder.

The Ghoul Vendetta audio book: My agent contacted Audible, and they said The Ghoul Vendetta is in production. As to a release date, they said “less than three months.” As soon as I know something more definite, I’ll let you know.

New paranormal thriller series: While I wait for the content edits to come back on Ruins & Revenge, I’m plotting a brand new paranormal thriller series. It’s gonna be so freakin’ cool!

Three books a year/three series: Before anyone freaks out that the new series will bump any of your favs, rest assured that my three-books-a-year writing schedule will include one book each from Raine Benares, a SPI Files, and the new thriller series.

Next book I’ll be writing: I may be plotting a new series now, but the next book I’ll write will be another SPI Files, *then* I’ll do the first book in the new series. I want to allow enough time for the new cast of characters to come together in my head.

That’s it for now!


12 Responses to “Update on a lot of writing/release/plotting stuff”

  1. MaryW says:


    I love the idea of a new series, but please take care of yourself. I would rather wait for a new book then see the writing turn into a chore for you.

  2. Lisa Shearin says:

    Aww, thank you so much, Mary! If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it. : )

  3. Aurian says:

    I love all your books so far, so I am looking forward to a new series 🙂

  4. Lisa Shearin says:

    Thank you, Aurian! : )

  5. Diana says:

    Love the idea of a new series!! I have to repeat what MaryW said. Take care of yourself (including your eyes). I really loved the Raine Benares series but love the SPI files just as much. It must be the author!!
    Looking forward to the next series as well.
    Thank you for sharing your worlds with us.

  6. JoeR says:

    Busy, busy. It is great to get 3 books a year now.

  7. Lisa Shearin says:

    Thank you Diana & Joe! Don’t worry, Diana, I’m taking extra good care of my eyes. : )

  8. Tina Loflin says:

    Dear Lisa,
    How do I get on your e-mail/newsletter list?? I’d love to know!! And, by the by: I love fountain pens, too!!
    Currently, I have a Parker my sister gave me for Christmas. Writing with it is a wonderful sensation–I journal daily, and use the pen with relish.
    The only problem? No notebook is big enough–I mean the college-ruled notebooks–less than 200 pages, aaargh!!
    Hugs and love,

  9. Deb L says:

    Your next book publishes the day before I graduate from grad school. So excited to have something to look forward to. I love your work and tell everyone. Thanks.

  10. Lisa Shearin says:

    Tina, just go to my website and look in the right navigation bar. “Newsletter Signup” is the fifth one down.

    I have over 50 pens now. It’s gotten ridiculous. ; ) Though I have my faves that I cycle through: Waterman Expert II, Aurora Ipsilon, Lamy Studio and Al Star, Levanger True Writer. My favorite vintage pens are my Esterbrooks.

    For journals, I use the Barnes & Noble Black Basic Lined Journal (7×10). They’re perfect for fountain pens and only cost $9.95 with 224 pages!

  11. Lisa Shearin says:

    Thank you so much, Deb! : )

  12. Elena S says:

    I am eagerly waiting for the audible version of The Ghoul Vendetta. Love listening to it while driving or when my peri-menapausal self is awake at 3am. Thanks for a great series.

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