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Snippet from Ruins & Revenge — Tam’s court manners

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Today is deadline day for Ruins & Revenge — except I’m not finished. Well, not quite. I’ll be sending my editor chapters 1-33, and the remaining two chapters and epilogue by Friday. It’s gonna be such a fun book, but I’m really looking forward to getting away from the 12-hour workdays for a while.

Here’s a little snippet that I wrote yesterday. Enjoy. . .

Karnia didn’t require a demonstration of how a Mal’Salin chief mage dealt with probable traitors. I was disappointed.

And highly suspicious.

That suspicion increased tenfold when he not only apologized to Princess Maralah, but to me as well, going so far as to welcome me as an honored guest.

That sealed it.

In goblin court parlance, that translated to, “You’ll be dead before sunrise. Enjoy the few remaining hours of your life.”

I graciously thanked Karnia for his apology in the true spirit in which it was given.

Translation: Bring it.



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