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Treasure & Treason is a Top Pick! at RT BookReviews magazine

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Just got an awesome review from Jill Smith, Senior Reviewer for RT BookReviews magazine — Treasure & Treason was given RTs top score of 4 1/2 stars and is a TOP PICK!  Woohoo!

Here’s the review:

A spin-off series from award-winning author Shearin is a cause for celebration. Fans are going to be delighted as sexy and deadly goblin dark mage Tamnais “Tam” Nathrach now takes center stage. Having Tam, pirate captain Phaelan Benares and Tam’s impulsive son Talon go on a road trip together (although technically a sea voyage) is asking for fireworks, and Shearin gleefully delivers! This is the launch book in what promises to be a magical and action-packed series that is also filled with Shearin’s trademark humor. Don’t miss out on the fun — snap it up quick!

During the wedding of Raine Benares and Mychael Eiliesor, it was learned that evil Sandrina Ghalfari and her dark mages, the Khrynsani, are joining forces with some vicious off-world invaders who may try to take over the Seven Kingdoms. The Khrynsani are apparently going after a legendary stone of power called the Heart of Nidaar, which is supposedly located in the lost city of Nidaar. It is Tam’s mission to get to the stone first and destroy it. With time not on their side, it will take an unusual alliance of goblins and elves, including Raine’s pirate cousin Phaelan, to embark on this race to find Nidaar. (LISASHEARIN.COM, dl $7.99)

Reviewed by:
Jill M. Smith

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