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Writing & the country life

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Well, I just got quite the workout. We have some snow coming in this evening, and the bottom’s about to drop out of the temperature (again), so I did the “country wife” thing and gathered and stacked some firewood. Our guy hasn’t brought our truckload of wood yet, so I put on my boots, got my work gloves, grabbed the wheelbarrow, and gathered some already cut and seasoned wood from several places on the property. I accumulated a nice, waist-high stack. Mother Nature can now bring it; we’re ready.

I’ve told Derek that we can never live in a city again — my writing productivity has gone through the roof (like tripled or quadrupled). My deadline for this book is April 1, and I’m not in the least bit worried. No stress, just enjoying the writing and creating a story. So in addition to a book coming out every year (eventually maybe more), I’ll also be able to write short stories and novellas like I’ve always wanted to.

Aside from an occasional car passing by, the only sounds are the hawks, the songbirds, and the windchimes hanging outside. And for visuals, the deer. Late yesterday afternoon, there were seven deer out by one of the gardens. We’ve seen as many as a dozen at one time. There’s no sirens, no planes overhead, no trains, no traffic noise from the interstate — just blissful, production-enhancing quiet.

I LOVE IT!! : )

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  1. That does sound lovely. I’m glad it’s worked out so well! {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Suzane R says:

    Welcome to living in the country! We always collect what dead fall wood we can for winter burning (kindling and regular). Cuts down on the expense (we go through 2 cords of wood per year) and helps our property to stay clean. Just make sure to stay away from any pine and its relations. They have a lot of pitch that causes creosote build up. The regular hardwoods burn cleaner. And make sure to have a chimney sweep clean your flue every 2 years. Wouldn’t want that lovely house of yours suffering from a chimney fire.

  3. JoeR says:

    Good for you. And, I’ll bet the pups really like it. We move out of very suburban DC to almost rural DE this summer.

    More book, more books, more books…

  4. Cassay says:

    Glad you are enjoying your new home! I hope you get to write short stories! It just means more for me to read and tie me over until your next book comes out 🙂

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