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Monday Snippets — Tam makes his entrance

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For the first of the ALL SPELL BREAKS LOOSE “Monday Snippets,” here’s a little something for you Team Tam ladies:

Seconds later, an explosion blew the door off its hinges as well as disintegrated a goodly chunk of the stone wall around it. Several Khrynsani who’d had the misfortune to be standing too close went flying.

Tamnais Nathrach was reckless, his magic powerful, and danger was just another way to have a good time. The man also knew how to make a damned fine entrance. Tam had weapons anywhere he could strap them. He was going home and was amply prepared for a less-than-warm reception. Tam followed up the concussion spell he’d used to destroy the door with his armored fists.

6 Responses to “Monday Snippets — Tam makes his entrance”

  1. Hannah says:

    Whole scale destruction from the goblin. Yes, yes I think I’m going to like this book :D

  2. Sabina says:

    Sounds just like Tam – surprised that Raine isn’t in the fun too ;-)

  3. Julia says:

    Tam. The attention hog. LOL. Love him.

  4. Deb L says:


  5. Becca M says:

    sounds like this book is going to be sooooo much fun, though I hope he saves some ass for Raine to kick

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