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Greyhounds — 45-mph couch potatoes

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As most of you know who are regular readers of my blog, my husband and I are the proud owners (though a more accurate description would be Dog Mom & Dad) of retired racing greyhounds. As any greyhound parent will tell you, these are the most wonderful dogs. People who are not familiar with the breed think that they’re hyper, excitable, require a LOT of exercise, and run constantly. They like a good run, but as shown in the second video, give them two minutes in a fenced-in yard — or a good daily walk — and they’re perfectly happy. But what they like to do most is sleep, just like cats.

Greyhounds aren’t called “45-mph couch potatoes” for nothing. They love nothing better than a couch, comfy chair, or your bed — and love, LOTS and LOTS of love. Andy, my sweet boy, is my 70-lb Love Sponge. If you have a greyhound rescue organization or owners’ club in your area, make it a point to go to one of their Meet & Greets. This will give you a chance to meet, pet, and love on these amazing and beautiful dogs. And who knows, you just might want to adopt one of your very own. ; )

One of my fans, Melanie, sent this video from National Geographic TV on a greyhound rescue organization. This is a great video with lots of sweet, sweet hounds. Enjoy!

And here’s an absolutely adorable video clip from CNN yesterday on one greyhound parents’ ingenuity on exercising their hound in four feet of snow. I loved this.

Tomorrow will be a writing topic, I promise. ; )


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