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The Solstice Countdown (SPI Files #7) coming March 9! 

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The Solstice Countdown coming March 9!

The edits are finished on The Solstice Countdown and the book is now in layout. Yay!!! Release date will be Tuesday, March 9 unless something drastic happens. Once my book designer finishes the layout (fonts and making my words look gorgeous), I’ll proof it and check for any needed corrections. Once I’ve approved it, my […]

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Jacket copy & update on The Solstice Countdown

The manuscript is now with my copy editor, and I expect to get her suggestions and corrections by the end of this week. It’ll take me approximately another week to make the changes, then the book will be finished and ready to go into layout. Yay! I’m still working to release the book for sale […]

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The Solstice Countdown — Coming late February!

It’s 2021 (finally)! I’m hopeful that this year will be infinitely better than the last. I’ve finished writing The Solstice Countdown (SPI Files 7), and I’m pushing to get this one to you by late February. Since the book takes place when Mac takes Rake home to meet her family at Christmas, I really wanted […]

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Surgery & writing updates

I’m baaack! It’s been a week and a half since my inner ear surgery (via a craniotomy to get to it). Today is the first day back at my desk. Yay, me! The autophony that was my worst symptom (hearing my voice in my head) is gone, as is hearing my heartbeat and footsteps in my […]

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Having surgery Thursday & a SPI Files update

I wanted to let you know that I’m having surgery this Thursday (July 16) to hopefully correct a condition I have—Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SCDS).  Essentially, it’s a hole inside my skull, below my brain and over my ear canal, which causes sound vibrations to bounce around inside my head. I included a link (above) to […]

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