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Ruins & Revenge (sequel to Treasure & Treason) coming May 2! (Pre-order links coming soon)

The Ghoul Vendetta (SPI Files 4) is out now!  

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Ruins & Revenge cover now, pre-order links soon!

Ruins & Revenge — the follow-up to Treasure & Treason will be out on May 2, which is only two weeks away! This weekend, we finalized the cover and just now finalized the jacket copy. We’re in the final grammar edit on the manuscript, to be immediately followed by formatting. The pre-order links will be up […]

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Treasure & Treason ebook on sale for $0.99!

I’m working on the edits to Ruins & Revenge (the followup to Treasure & Treason) now, and it’s due to be released in ebook and print-on-demand paperback on May 2! (Audiobook to follow later.) I’ll let you know when the pre-order links are up. In anticipation of the release of Ruins & Revenge, the ebook version of Treasure […]

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SPI Files #1 — The Grendel Affair ebook for only $1.99!

From today through Sunday, April 9, the ebook of first book in my SPI Files series — The Grendel Affair — is priced at a great introductory price of just $1.99! So if you haven’t begun reading that series yet, now’s the time. Or if you’ve been trying to get a friend hooked, let them know and forward […]

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Update on a lot of writing/release/plotting stuff

Ruins & Revenge: I finished writing Ruins & Revenge last Friday. It’s in editing now (content, then copy editing, then production), and will be released on May 2. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available for preorder. The Ghoul Vendetta audio book: My agent contacted Audible, and they said The Ghoul Vendetta is in production. […]

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Snippet from Ruins & Revenge — Tam’s court manners

Today is deadline day for Ruins & Revenge — except I’m not finished. Well, not quite. I’ll be sending my editor chapters 1-33, and the remaining two chapters and epilogue by Friday. It’s gonna be such a fun book, but I’m really looking forward to getting away from the 12-hour workdays for a while. Here’s […]

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