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The Myth Manifestation (SPI Files 5) coming soon! Stay tuned for release date.

Ruins & Revenge (sequel to Treasure & Treason)

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The Ghoul Vendetta (SPI Files 4)   

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The Ghoul Vendetta audiobook is out now! 



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Snippet from The Myth Manifestation featuring a special guest star

Here’s a snippet from The Myth Manifestation (SPI Files 5) with but one special guest star from my Raine Benares series. ; )  It’ll be released in January, and I’ll know the exact date soon. Mago Benares walked slowly to one of Rake’s penthouse’s floor-to-ceiling windows that were now clear of the pocket dimension’s distortion. […]

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Snipet from The Myth Manifestation

The Myth Manifestation (SPI Files 5) is due to go to my editor two weeks from today. We’re looking at a January publication date. Sorry for the delay, but life got in the way of this one. As soon as I know the exact release date, I’ll post it everywhere. Meanwhile, here’s a snippet for […]

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The Ghoul Vendetta is out in audiobook today!

For SPI Files audiobook fans. . . The Ghoul Vendetta (SPI Files #4) audiobook is out today!  Enjoy!  

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New cover art & news of upcoming books!

Hey there! I’m taking a wee break from writing The Myth Manifestation (SPI Files 5) to give y’all an update. Yesterday, we approved the final cover for The Myth Manifestation by my fabulous SPI Files cover artist — and 2017 Hugo Award winner for Best Professional Artist — Julie Dillon. The title, etc. aren’t in […]

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Writing, and painting, and figs! Oh my!

Hey everybody! Just dropping by to let you all know that yes, I’m still alive. Tired, but alive. ; ) I’m in the final stretch for writing The Myth Manifestation (SPI Files 5). However, I’m also doing a lot of house stuff. Derek and I volunteered our house (which is the old family farm) for […]

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